The flying clockhorse

A vehicle out of broken toys.

I wanted to create a vehicle where its design made from different broken objects/toys made it unique. I imagined an inventive and smart girl that could put these pieces together and make a vehicle to explore a fantastic world.

Orthographic views

Brian Cranston study

As a Breaking Bad fan and Brian Cranston's performance, I decided to make a sculpture study on Zbrush.

Cranston has a wide set of facial landmarks, skin foils and intense eyes, which made the sculpting process very rewarding.

Examples and turntable rendered in Zbrush.

Ghost Ted

Deep sea inspired ghost.

For the ghost effect used by the characters of the shortfilm Orientation Center for the Unseen, we researched deep sea creatures with bioluminescence - ones who have natural glowing properties in their body.

 Above sea, we can see this effect in fireflies, for example. With our research and initial concept illustrations in hand, we started our shader development and ended up with an effect that reacted to the character’s position and motion, traveling through the surface of the 3D model and making the ghost glow dynamic and appealing. 

Along with the shader development, a heavy amount of work was done in compositing where transparency and color grading was processed. 

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